Amy Anstey is a fine artist and illustrator living in Sedgefield Western Cape. Amy’s aesthetic can be described as classic, focusing on portraiture with complementing layers of surreal and abstract. 

Coming from a traditional background in Illustration, finding her feet in the professional art world, Amy scored her first commission as an illustrator from being found online. 

This commission birthed Amy’s style in illustration that fuses anatomical drawings and ethereal scenes. 

As Amy progressed in her career themes of the femininity and freedom of expression both in her in her brush strokes as well as her subject matter began taking up much of her attention forming a unique blend of highly skilled painting techniques and strikingly beautiful abstract scenes.

At this point in time Amy is drawing much of her inspiration from outer space scenes as a metaphor for her inner expanse. Being deeply in touch with the complexity of human emotions, and in particular, the chaotic experience of her own emotions, these feeling can be felt in her aggressive use of brush strokes which contrast strongly against her virtuosic representations of the female form.

Amy can be found on her Instagram page @AmyAnstey and will be exhibiting original art works at Evoking 2021