(Closing date for submissions is 1 September)

Dear Artist,

Welcome and thank you for being interested in submitting your artwork(s) for Evoking 2.0.

While we try to be as inclusive as possible, our curatorial process is guided by:

  • providing a platform for fresh, contemporary, thought-provoking, unique artworks
  • a limited amount of exhibiting space
  • the theme of Evoking 2.0 – Heritage
  • a fine art gallery standard of work and presentation

Please ensure that your art meets the following criteria and that you have fully read and agree to conditions set in the ARTIST BRIEF before sending your submission:

  1. Fresh, contemporary, thought-provoking or unique
  2. Fine Art gallery standard art – both in quality of your work and the presentation/framing
  3. Your artwork is responding to the theme HERITAGE
  4. You have read and agree to the stipulations within the ARTIST BRIEF

Artist Submission Form

Download and view the example/template in the artist brief

Max 2MB
Max 2MB

Max 2MB
Max 2MB