Brema Handt

Brema Handt is a designer currently working as a contractor in Sedgefield, South Africa

Many hours spent building various contraptions with his father in the garage at a young age was Brema’s first taste of the joy in creating things. During his high school years, Brema saw not only Art, but also Mathematics, Geography, Science and Engineering Graphics & Design as tools to create and shape the world around him. As an aspiring architect, Brema chose to study Civil Engineering at the University of Cape Town.

During his final year (2017), Brema sought the advice of Professor Vernon Collis who is both a qualified engineer and architect. Collis advised Brema against immediately studying architecture and instead to make use of the abundant creative opportunities an engineer has.

After working one month for a large consulting engineering firm in Sandton, Johannesburg, Brema was scared away from offices and Cities all together. With the desire to become a creator of many things as well as a love for the outdoors, he joined Sedgefield Quality Homes. Under the mentorship of Ron Godfrey, Brema continues to learn and acquire the skills and knowledge he seeks to become a master craftsman.

Brema also works a part-time job diving golf balls out of the water and Fancourt Golf Estate in George. Most of the golf balls dived out are resold at Fancourt. However, the old, poor-quality balls are either discarded or sold for a minimal price. Brema saw this unusual byproduct as an opportunity to design and create his first commercial art piece, The Golf Ball Man.