Chris Auret

A South African Artist and Maker of Things
 (paintings, murals, photographs, films, writings, sounds and more), currently residing in Cape Town & The Garden Route (SA).

‚ÄčI make for myself first, and then others, with good intentions embedded in each brushstroke, film frame or sewn stitch. 

I make to explore my own personal experiences. And I make to explore myself in relation to others, celebrating my unique story within all of our unique stories.

My work aims to portray some sort of energy-filled capsule of a moment. An “object” still possessing life, simply because life went into it. 

In this way the moment becomes a little more tangible than just a memory. I can look to my work as reminders of things worth celebrating or remembering. These things or thoughts can leave my subconscious and work their way into my conscious mind, simply with the process of painting or creating the artwork itself. Process is of utmost importance. When I paint, I explore colour and the vibration created by placing one stroke next to another another. My body moves fluid with each mark. There is some sort of release and intake, a meditation and surrender. 

My inspiration ranges from sharing my personal journey through life, to portraits of people I’ve come into contact with or would like to come into contact with, to landscapes and animals I respect and admire, to a more surreal representation of personal realisations and the action of story-telling, not forgetting the abstract which arises when lost in the making process.

Currently I’m very interested in creating artworks in the public space, predominantly painting and facilitating community murals. I’m interested in the public voice, what people want to talk about, what truths and frustrations exist and in possibly being a colourful conduit for this voice. I’m interested in doing right to wrongs. I’m interested in how far I can take myself and therefore you. And this will continue to change.

I also love to make music and surf.