Harveen Du Preez

Born and raised in Tanzania and now residing in Wilderness, Harveen Du Preez works in three different mediums which are epoxy resin, alcohol ink and denim fabric art.

Harveen enjoys creating original abstract pieces that are dramatic and present the possibility of drifting into other worlds. Rather than a depiction of concrete images, her abstract paintings are intended to evoke and awaken certain feelings internally and take the viewer on a journey. She believes that art is a spiritual practice that allows us to connect to the source, a higher power that influences our creations.

Her more controversial art pieces are mainly done on denim jackets and the intention is to make people critically think and open up a conversation about sensitive and uncomfortable topics because she strongly believes that political correctness has stifled important discourse and freedom of speech.

Harveen’s love for handcrafted and locally designed products inspired her to open her own contemporary South African collective store situated at Timberlake Village with her own working art studio where she produces various artisanal resin boards, functional art pieces and paintings.