Hein Botha

Approach to painting/image making

I believe that drawing and painting, or mark making, is fundamentally an act, or compulsion to re-connect, or help to keep in touch with a deeper sense of the world in which we exist – beyond formulized, conditioned existence.

It allows and empowers one to explore and express an evolving understanding of nature, objects, people, myths, space and time in moments of heightened awareness.

I feel that the process of image making should echo the ongoing shifting and shaping of the earth and our place in the universewhile changing our view of the ‘invisible’or un-manifested surrounding us and ultimately enrichingour sense being.

The powerful presence of the marks left by cosmic and geological time, and relatively recently by the indigenous people of this land,is in itself mark making and time-honed scars that I feel informsand inspires a lot of my work.

I have experienced that heightened awareness of ‘dynamic presence’, beyond our conditioned way of viewing ourselves, can be brought on by anything from immersion into a fluid motion of a dancer, water motion,to the spontaneous imaginative playful presence of a child.

I did spend a large part of my life in the conceptual realm as a designer, illustrator and advertising creative director.
Today, immersed in a time of creating for it’s own sake, has made memore and more aware that art making is in essence a life-long honing of one’s intuitive sensibility by letting go of too much linear logic.

Through drawing, and painting Ihope to add to the way we perceive, view and relate to the world and our connection the stars -and hopefully add to the stories told over timewithinthe brief time we spend on our home planet.

To keep our birthright of pure childlike wonder alive.


This time…we are given time
to contemplate our fellow creatures’ birthright
to their only home planet
which we are privileged to share

Time granted to celebrate San song lines of life…
dreamt by the land.


Paint ponderings along San storylines
when stars were hunters and the hunters bow bent
to the strains of ancient rhythms…
when the eland dance,
under a bloodied moon,
foretold girls’ unlocked womanhood.

Unburdened time of tales…told beyond before
when the hunt vanquished hurt and unlocked harmony.


Paintbrush unlocking another timeless tale
of a hidden burning ember
snatched from under ostrich wing
then flung high
shedding light across the land…

So seeds of San stories
germinating in the dark earth of Africa
are called on
by the sun
carried by the wind
across time
to fertilise our dormant imagination

once more
unmasking darkness
illuminating souls