Jan Cilliers De Wet

Art has been in my family for 3 generations. As a child of about 5 my father bought sketch pads for myself and my sister and set up little still life arrangements for us to draw.

Later I studied art under Ulrich Louw at King Edward VII High in Jhb where I found a way to use watercolours with a speed and freshness that still informs the way I work.

After some years in freelance graphic design and illustration I was in the right place and time to become the 2nd operator in SA in the new field of 3d animation. I spent roughly 20 years doing mostly character animation for industry, advertising and broadcast content.

In 2008 I moved into fine art proper, working in oils and journeying from simple landscapes in the early days to more dreamlike imagery today.

Throughout the guiding principle has been to allow the paint to speak. The freshness of a line or brushstroke laid down without modification has power and immediacy, although this took some years to learn. The inevitable mistakes become part of the whole as a painting progresses, and it’s complete when it stops asking for more.