Julia Ratcliff

Julia Ratcliffe is a visual artist based in Wilderness, South Africa. Throughout her childhood, nature had always been a part of her life. Whether it be climbing trees or running barefoot through the long grass. Her natural surroundings have always been submerged with her heart.

Growing up, Julia began to gain more interest in the connectivity between her inner world and the natural world around her. Noticing the primal, unexplainable relationship she has with nature. By painting, she is reminded of this connection, it makes her feel whole and grounded to the earth.

Watercolor has always been Julia’s primary medium. “I enjoy letting the paint and water do the talking – it reminds me of how little we have control over”. SchweSchwe has also been a great inspiration – the colors and mandala-style patterns have always drawn her in and given her a patriarchal sense of pride and love for Africa.

Instagram: @juliaratcliffe