Kayla Lee Le Roux

Kayla is a visual artist based in Sedgefield on the Garden Route.
Kayla’s aesthetic of magic realism, drawing inspiration from the world around her, is executed in oils with the occasional inclusion of mixed media.

Growing up in an artist’s workshop with paintbrush in her hand since a child, creating has become central to Kayla’s identity. Moving into adulthood, Kayla’s art has refined and grown into an exploration of life, of purpose, of God and the natural world.

“This life is a jumble of risks, mistakes, wins and frankly boring days. I think the trick lies in balancing and fully being it all.
This is my art.
Owning up to very dark, very real thoughts and feelings. Portraying inspiration from the many miracles that catch my eye.
But mainly, it’s processing who I am, who I want to be, who God is, and what the heck I’m doing here.
I create, because not creating is a wide road that leads straight to insanity.
I am becoming. And so is my art.”