Kayla Lee Le Roux

LEFT: Ripple, Old paint on hardboard, R5500
Make a ripple in your own pond.
Your actions/words/thoughts DO make a difference.
Whether it starts a revolution or simply plants a seed, the change you want to see in the
world starts with you. Take responsibility for your life, and don’t underestimate how far your
ripples will go.

RIGHT: Fear vs Faith, Oil paint on hardboard, R2600
You choose, every day. Floating in the waters of life, fear and doubt will pull you under and
drown you in the suffering you can find in the world… yet faith and trust will lift you up,
pulling you into the light, into Gratitude, and into the hand of God.
You choose, every day.


LEFT: Light Walker, Oil paint on hardboard, R2600
This piece is to inspire Gratitude, for all the little miracles and blessings that we take for
granted or overlook, when our eyes are filled with negativity.
Gaze, rather, will eyes full of curiosity; filling your being with wonder at all the magic that
lives in the world.

RIGHT: Surrender, Oil paint on canvas, R7800
Sometimes surrender means giving up from trying to understand, and rather becoming
comfortable with not knowing.
Grappling with questions like “Why am I here?” “What is my purpose?” “Who is God?” I
found myself anxious and depressed at my ignorance. But when a little whisper told me to
let go, to surrender, my heart filled with peace… and I knew that the lesson was not in
immediately finding the answers, but in Trusting that all will be revealed in perfect timing.

Contact the artist:
Kayla Lee le Roux
WhatsApp 0631498561

Kayla is a visual artist based in Sedgefield on the Garden Route. 

Kayla’s aesthetic of magic realism, drawing inspiration from her dreams and memories, is executed in acrylic, oils and watercolour. 

Growing up in an artist’s workshop with a paint brush in her hand since infancy, creating has been central to Kayla’s identity. Moving into her adulthood, Kayla’s subject matter has refined and matured to capture the most special of her life’s moments. 

Scenes such as freediving, into the total silence and otherworldly beauty of life underwater; or watching wide eyed at the tiny miracles of the natural world; Kayla incorporates images from these moments of peace and connectedness into her artworks.

A career in art is a way of life and it’s a way of life that Kayla epitomizes in her day to day. Her subject matter and artistic interests are created with the intention of sharing a perspective on life that serves to remind people of these tiny miracles we so often take for granted.