Kelvin Mthombeni

This is my lockdown artwork and it’s the second in its series. The idea behind this idea is reality. The chains around the globe represent “lockdown” which left us with two situations.

The figure on top of the globe is a representation of politicians and capitalists ..some of them took advantage of the lockdown to oppress ordinary people .. I won’t go into detail we all know how politicians handled the situation.. also the figure on top has an exaggerated big hand it’s because they keep taking and taking ..they won’t stop !!

On the other hand.. the figure beneath represents ordinary earthlings whose life took a turn for the worst due to lockdown, some lost jobs ..some struggled to get just food. Also many got sick and sadly some died… as you can see life is a heavy burden for them .. trynna balance things and make ends meet..

So this is my art! My truth! put into one piece of wood!

Title ” Covid village”
Medium Teakwood
Artist MrKay