Lee Molenaar

Lee Molenaar is a South African born visual artist currently living and working in the Kingdom of Cambodia. His professional career of more than twenty years has seen his work acquired by various state, public, corporate and private institutions and individuals from across the globe. He has participated in and hosted various group and solo shows in many different countries and is currently based in Siem Reap, Cambodia which is the home of the largest religious complex ever build by human civilization, the great Angkor Wat Archeological Park where he is conducting art classes for local young Cambodians and expats though his art school, Fingerprint Studio Siem Reap.

For the past decade, his work has been preoccupied with investigating the physiological, psychological and emotional impact of losing, sequestering, compromising and relinquishing individual and societal roots in the face of an accelerating, unfamiliar and bewildering world of the early 21st century.