Lesica Roux

My name is Lesica Roux and I have been living in Wilderness for 20 years, but was born in Cape Town, South Africa in 1984. I suppose my first art related experiences started out like most others, as a child. I’ve never really considered myself an artist, even knowing I am a creative soul.

Initially my influences came from the most obvious places like school taught art and eventually finding out my own likes and dislikes regarding styles and colors. I have always been attracted to the more creative folks, whether it be within the music, food or design industries. I suppose I’ve drawn most of my inspiration from those closer encounters.

I have always been keen on drawing rather than painting, because I honestly find painting a little daunting, whereas with drawing I feel much more comfortable within the controlled lines. But what is life without challenges? I’ve only recently been inspired to paint when a paintbrush and canvas was shoved into my hands and I was given a good talking to.

I’ve completed 3 small canvases to date which didn’t go without me judging my own inabilities as a painter, but was also accompanied by me having to let go of control with every brush stroke. With the Evoking event I have been challenged to complete a set of 4 paintings, which sent me into a frenzy of excitement as well as finally recognizing my ability to commit to this new form of art.

I am truly a beginner when it comes to painting, but with that said, I am up for the challenge to grow creatively within this field. Currently I work with acrylics on canvas, but hope to explore all different mediums in time.

I have found a certain freedom in letting go of my pencil and proudly wearing my paint stained apron.