Lindie Calitz

LEFT: “The Circus”, Collage on Paper, R1 950
Every day we are surrounded by letters and written messages. From logos to posters, billboards, t-shirts, signboards, or newspaper prints, letters not only tell a story but evoke emotions. It is known that targeted marketing can quickly feel like manipulation, the ways we portray/ propose structured words is purely up for the viewer’s mind exploration. Words found in our daily lives about our current state is used to convey a message through art, hopelessly mute in a Tilt-of-a-whirl.

RIGHT: “No Necessary Realism of Appearance, Mixed Media (Acrylic & Sharpie), SOLD
Existence inside or outside space-time, having causes and effects or not, having contingent or necessary existence, being particular or universal, and belonging to either the physical or the mental realm or to neither. A house is built by wisdom and becomes strong through sense, through knowledge its rooms are filled with all sorts of precious riches and valuables. There are no ready answers to the paradox of Life. A dynamic, multi-faceted society in the process of basic structural changes, it faces enormous challenges, but the prospects are equally great.

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Lindie Calitz

10 Things Money can’t buy:
Love, Faith, Character, Integrity, Compassion, Forgiveness, Trust, Respect, Wisdom, Peace

1 Thing Money can buy:

Born 24 August in Pretoria, an adventurer, creator, dreamer, and time keeper starting life in the city but soon being called by nomadic sense of adventure to investigate personas and explore the whereabouts of this beautiful world.

Inspiration is drawn from the philosophy, the communication in everyday life and human interactions, reactions and actions, historical events, emotional impact, environmental thumps and naturally the peace of nurturing nature.

Love for Art came as youngling spending hours in front of drawing boards.

Medium used is free for exploration as Art is perceived to be a creation, being able to intentionally build object of matter.