Olivia du Preez

Changes in Life, Oil Paint, R2860 each
These three paintings captures the essence of emotions and the natural changes we all go through in life.
Change is hard at first. Messy in the middle and gorgeous at the end.

Your Safe Space, Oil Paint, R7800
When I painted this , I had the concept of “Your safe space” in mind. A place that no one will ever find. Where you can come and go as you please. Somewhere the madness of this
world can never touch.

I am a lover of Oil Paint. And I want to create a space that feels as real as you and me

Contact the artist:
Olivia du Preez
Cell: 0823699142
Email: oliviadupreez12@gmail.com

I was born in Louis Trichardt , raised in Upington and now lives in George.
I’ve known Oil Paint my whole life and my passion for it grew more and more over the years.

I draw my inspiration from strong , authentic emotions , bright colors and imagination.

I want to create paintings , that portrays emotion, inspires people and captivates imagination!
I mostly paint personal interpretations of nature and usually the emotions I feel is a big part of my paintings.

We are all part of nature and the changes of it . My hope is that my artworks is a reminder of that.