Our poets


Chris Auret

Willpower, I call on you
Be with me as I go back, down and inwards

As I swim to the depths of this dark river

As I greet death,
Surrounded by onlooking baboons
Beneath rocks of defecation

May my last breath fill my lungs with trust

Keep me warm on the icy waters of isolation
As I make my way back to the ocean of conscious actions

Smudge me clean of my fears

Connect me to that which I have forgotten

Teach me the language to share my experience with this world

Allow me to remain awake in this vigil
Let me fall not asleep,
But into unconditional love

Suppress nothing as I sink

Dissolve all that keeps me from serving myself
In the service of others

Find the fire within me
And feed it with responsibility

Fall and Shine

Chris Auret

Sorrow felt, creating tears of life
Salt-rubbed wounds
Falling from a face of light

The sun – burnt into my flesh –
Warm like the skin of a yawning lion,
Basking in the pride of his family.

The owl shakes and shudders,
Peaks behind his shoulder,
Both left and right
Before he too cleanses his soul
In the still waters of the night

I’ve come home. I’ve remembered.

I have woken from my slumber
In the form of a giant.
I am grey with teeth of ivory and ancient.

I sing with the whales
I sleep with the dogs
I speak from the heart
I transform like the frog
I tend to the alchemic garden within
I dance in the rain
I hear your cries for silence
I sit with the pain

The key to my success is my imagination.
I dream my world into being.
Nothing is beyond my control
For there is no control.
There is simply the unfolding,
River and ocean,
Mountain and land,
Sky and cosmos,
Inside and out,
Back and forth,
Wave after wave after wave.
No separation between you and me
And yet fractals
In one big picture.

Three kings, sitting alongside many queens
Before the rainbow children,
The warriors, seeking direction and guidance
For the future,
From the past,
To act in the present.

Here and now I say to you:
Be calm my child.
The world is at war
Yet you need not pick a side.
This is no man’s land.
Let your words be the weapons
of mass deconstruction.
Let your eyes be the daggers
Through the illusionary bubble of hot air.
Channel anger towards life
And celebrate death,
Be the father you could have.
Hug your mother goodbye and hello.
Let the wind blow through your golden hair
Only when the moment is ripe
And in that moment:

Fall and Shine

Warming my Soul’s Feet

Heinie Bosman

fire fire burn my skin
burn it so I can feel it within
fire fire take my breath
so I can exhale and feel what’s left

Gazing staring getting lost
Time turning thoughts to lethargic dust
Feverishly warming my Souls’ feet
Where I have walked, is where we shall meet

Scorching fire, burn my skin
burn it so I can feel it within
You’re a drug and I’ll have to succumb
Free my feelings, so to You they may run

Further and further my soul has walked
the witness to a million sunsets, and even stalked
Through my Souls’ feet I feel the fire
Through my Souls’ feet I am still but a squire