Simon Gower

LEFT: “Ecstatic Bliss, Oils on Canvas, R 8450
Meditative line work.
Ecstatic Bliss is a moment of purity devoid of thought.
It is a flash of clarity when all unnecessary mental processes have gone quiet.
This painting is inspired by an experience from within a dream.
Everything was right in the world. Everything was in its place. There was nothing to do and nowhere to be.
It was the closest that I have ever come to a perfect state.This artwork was is an attempt to recreate that experience

RIGHT: “Roman”, Oils on Canvas, R 9 100
The red feline symbolizes the passions of the heart.
The triangle above his head is the symbol of fire.
He is the King of fire and the spirit of the forest.

Contact the artist:
Simon Gower
074 841 0213

Love the beach in the evening.
Fascinated by ripples and light on water.
Once fell in love with a staffy. Now I die inside every time I see one.
Art is home.
I am creativity in service of wonder.
I was made in the ocean.
I live to make things better.
Here’s to the good days and here’s to Love.